July 16, 2013
Final Message from the Founder

It is with great pride that I submit the Apex Group's final newsletter. After a long and magnificent partnership with Level 3, the Apex Group has accepted Level 3's offer to be insourced effective July 1st, 2013.

The Apex Group's team, including me, will continue with their current roles but will now be working directly with Level 3. As of July 1st, 2013, the Apex Group has ceased operations and has retired use of our brand. To read our official media statement, click here.

A tremendous amount of conviction, resourcefulness, and support has gone into building this company. For this, I share my thanks.

How we got here

Ours is a story of the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit. Exceed your customers' expectations. Question the status quo. Refuse to give up. Always remain positive.

Nearly 7 years ago, I set out on an ambitious objective for a newly formed company: to help ICT companies achieve their "apex" in expanding in the emerging markets of EMEA. Since then, we've successfully served some of the world's most well-known IT companies.

It has been a magical adventure filled with momentous achievements, from creating a profitable self-financed organization in a meager home office to being featured on the BBC.

For more details on the rise of the Apex Group, click here.

Founderís Personal Sentiment

I have personally drawn inspiration from the ingenuity and optimism of the people in the Middle East. Few regions are as hospitable, dynamic and filled with trustworthy people. Thank you for the constant encouragement and support you've shown me and the Apex Group team. Thank you for teaching us how to dream bigger. Thank you for helping us reach our apex.


On behalf of everyone at the Apex Group, we thank our customers for lending us their trust, our suppliers for relying on us, and our friends for believing in us.

Never stop aspiring.


Alex Giannikoulis
Founder & CEO
The Apex Group
Office: +1 773 782 6581
Website: www.apex-emea.com

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