December 14, 2012
ASBU 2012 Summit for Multi-Platform Delivery

ASBU 2012 panelists
At the BroadcastPro & Arab States Broadcast Union (ASBU) 2012 Summit, the Apex Group's Founder and CEO, Alex Giannikoulis, served on a panel discussing Multi-Platform delivery. The panel had a well-balanced set of broadcasters, OTT players, systems integrators, and consultants giving their opinions on the most important broadcast industry trends shaping the Middle East region. The panel produced a lively discussion and covered a number of key questions including:

  • What new OTT services are coming into the region, especially in the mobile space?
  • Will the industry be segmenting certain devices for specific content and specific access method?
  • What new trends will generate more revenue for broadcasters?
  • While building a multi-platform delivery system, how do content producers enable more interaction for and with viewers?
  • What value-added service application would you create?
  • What are the most successful business models from a device and user-experience perspective?
  • How does targeted advertisement online impact the business model of digital services?
  • Are the launch of new services for retaining a user/viewer base or about generating new revenue streams?

View the full video here and watch for the Apex Group's Founder's perspective on multi-platform delivery in the Middle East.

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