September 12, 2012
The Low Latency Your Customers Need
Liquid Express Routing from Level 3 delivers fast, reliable connections for service providers.

Low latency is essential for a successful service provider—even the slightest delay can bring major repercussions. Therefore, the most critical factor for your IP connectivity is keeping your connections highly reliable and able to prevent latency, even for cross-global communications.

Level 3 Communications, a world leader in telecom services with one of the most powerful IP backbones in the world, is dedicated to providing the fastest, most reliable connections to global customers. Using the most advanced technologies, the company is able to conduct business on an international scale as easily and fluidly as on-site transactions.

The Liquid Express Routing service from Level 3 is designed to offer instantaneous liquidity, accelerated access for your financial trading services customers, and the ability to match customer orders immediately across any distance.

With Liquid Express Routing, you'll dramatically reduce the risk of delayed delivery or dropped connections, ensuring exceptional accuracy. Level 3's advanced network connections form a direct bridge between servers, so your customers will experience fewer network hops and a profound boost in performance.

Some of the benefits of the Liquid Express Routing service include:

  • Reliable, secure connectivity, even at great geographic distances
  • Enhanced scalability to handle traffic spikes and flash crowds
  • Customized global latency solutions that conform to your diversity and physical routing requirements

Service providers simply can't afford latency. With the lightning-fast pace of today's online market, low latency is a critical aspect for your network—and you can give your customers the high quality and flawless streaming they expect with Level 3's services.

The Apex Group is pleased to partner with Level 3 to deliver tailored Liquid Express Routing services for your service provider company. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve reliable, instantaneous connections all around the world.

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