June 27, 2012
Case Study - How Brightcove helped Cars.com boost visitor engagement by 1,000 percent

One of the largest automotive classified websites, Cars.com receives upwards of 10 million monthly visitors, who come to browse, research, and purchase both new and used vehicles.

Cars.com not only informs car buyers to help them make better decisions, but also provides opportunities and lead generation for their advertisers. Multimedia content, including images and video, has always been a crucial component for their business strategy. In 2007, the company introduced editorial video content to highlight the expertise of their staff and to drive more traffic to the site.

However, the addition of video content didn't have the effect they'd anticipated.

Brightcove Video Cloud steps in

Cars.com looked to video analytics to give them a better idea of how long users were spending on the site, and to gauge the effectiveness of the editorial video content, as well as the audience segments. These numbers are essential for their advertisers.

The average visitor engagement for video content hovered at around 30 seconds—not even the full length of an editorial video. The company enlisted Brightcove to make some improvements.

Brightcove's Video Cloud platform creates professional, integrated content delivery with smooth play and fast load times. In addition, the platform allows for seamless delivery across multiple end-user platforms—including PCs, smart phones, tablets, and even television—and provides advanced tools for measuring and analytics.

Results: Improved performance and exceptional user experience

When Cars.com implemented Brightcloud Video Cloud services, they experienced immediate improvements. Just a few of the benefits included:

  • A massive jump in user engagement time, from 30 seconds to more than 6 minutes
  • Simplified social media sharing, leading to more users posting Cars.com content on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and YouTube channels—which strengthened the company's brand and online presence
  • More efficient internal operation, with easier uploading and content categorization
  • Improved data from Brightcove's built-in analytic tools, allowing the company to shape content to suit individual users

Ramp up your website

As an e-tailer, you need smooth, professional video content that's accessible through all the platforms your customers use to access your website. The Apex Group partners with Brightcove to deliver custom-tailored video solutions that improve visitor engagement and boost conversions.

Contact us to start reaping the benefits of video services from Brightcove and The Apex Group.

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