May 31, 2012
Online Security
Steps your business must take in an increasingly risky Internet environment

There's no question that malicious attacks on websites and applications are growing. Viruses, worms, hackers, and especially distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks pose a serious threat to your online business. If your website is down due to an attack, you'll lose customers, money, and credibility. The effects can be devastating.

The recently released Symantec Global Internet Security Threat Report reveals that mobile security threats, bots, and viruses are on the rise in the UAE, with the number of attacks increasing by a massive 81% in 2011. In addition, Symantec found that data breaches are increasing, and attackers are focusing more on mobile attacks.

Symantec is not the only group who's noticed the increasing threat. Here at The Apex Group, our enterprise sales manager recently attended an invitation-only summit for CIOs, and found that DDoS protection ranked extremely high on the 2012 priority list for that group.

As an e-tailer, online security should be your number one priority. Chances are, you already have strong security in place to protect your website and mobile apps from malicious attacks. But with the increase in frequency and sophistication of the attacks, will it be enough?

When it comes to protecting your business, you need more than connectivity. The mounting attacks, combined with increasingly sophisticated methods as cyber-criminals learn how to work around the latest protection, mean that you need total protection to avoid crippling service interruptions.

A network-based mitigation solution could mean the difference between avoiding a devastating attack and suffering downtime, data loss, and damaged credibility. The Apex Group offers custom-tailored services that fit the needs of your business, with real-time response to DDoS attacks and superior protection against the latest evolution in threats.

Protecting your website and mobile apps from infections and service interruptions is a critical factor in maintaining a viable e-tailer company. To combat the cutting-edge threats being developed in response to new technologies, it's essential to make sure you have the most up-to-date protection available. Is your business protected?

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